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About Royal La Mere

Royal La Mere is a premiere pregnancy & birth service located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We offer a full-spectrum of high quality professional birth services that cater to expectant mothers and their families before, during, and after birth. Our packages have been designed with the whole woman in mind. We offer professional labor support & childbirth education. Some of our add on services include: lactation counseling, Bengkung Belly Binding, meal prep, and more. We encourage our moms throughout their journey with faith based affirmations, clear birth planning, and research based information.

Royal La Mere Philosophy

We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal and natural processes that work best with preparation and support. We believe that education and exposure to proper prenatal care play an important role in positive birth and breastfeeding outcomes. We believe women deserve the opportunity to be fully supported throughout the entirety of their prenatal and postpartum experiences. We believe that should include physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual support from a village, team, or as we like to call it a ‘royal’ court. We believe the mother or La Mere in french, should be taken special care of during this time, as if she were a queen. Hints our name Royal La Mere. We believe all life comes from God. We believe in the power of prayer, Holy Spirit, & scriptural affirmations all as essential tools to supporting our clients.

Ebon’Nae Piggee


Birth Doula |Childbirth Educator|Breastfeeding Advocate


Ebon’Nae Piggee is the owner of Royal La Mere Birth Services. Ebon’Nae is a DONA International trained birth doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding advocate, & belly binding specialist. Ebon’Nae’s ideal client is a faith-based couple looking to plan a natural birth and breastfeeding experience at a birth center, home, or natural birth friendly hospital.  VBAC candidates and first time moms hold a special place in her heart as well. Birth work & breastfeeding advocacy chose Ebon’Nae in 2010 after a successful VBAC and water birth with her second son. The experience was so life changing that Ebon’Nae felt compelled to start sharing her birth story to help empower other women. Women were so encouraged by Ebon’Nae sharing her birth stories that she knew she needed to continue. Shortly after Ebon’Nae began pursuing training and education to become a professional birth worker. To date Ebon’Nae and her husband of 13 years, Shadrick Piggee, have welcomed a total of 4 handsome & healthy boys into their family.

Ebon’Nae has experienced 4 very different birth stories. Her first son was delivered via emergency Cesarean birth. Ebon’Nae has experienced prodromal labor, a water birth, pulsating leg labor, a 45 min floor birth (superfast), malpositioned babies, hospital birth, birth center, and a homebirth. Ebon’Nae’s personal birth experiences coupled with her education & professional knowledge has given her the confidence to serve other women. Her mission is to educate, inspire, and empower women to birth and breastfeed confidently through education and professional doula services.