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Belly Binding

The Royal treatment doesn’t have to stop after you’ve given birth. Enjoy some major self-care by securing your tummy in one of our beautiful belly binds. We are glad to schedule your belly binding in Dallas as well as the surrounding cities; We will travel to you and complete our session right in the comfort of your own home.

Bengkung Belly Binding is a Malaysian traditional method of snugly binding the abdomen with a long strip of cloth. This process helps ensure that moms abdominal muscles and internal organs are supported properly during the healing process. It helps with diastistis recti, secure/slim hips, and rib cage among many other benefits.  We will teach you and a support person how to bind after we leave or you can call us back for a postpartum visit. We’d love to see you again.

Belly Binding Only

  • 1 fabric bind
  • 1 herbal healing salve application
  • 1 In-home binding session+ demonstration to teach you or support person

*Package A Breastfeeding Support can be substituted with 1-2 more in-home wrapping sessions.

Are you ready to feel the snug support of your very own bind?

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Postpartum Doula

Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby, but every new mom needs time to rest and relax. A postpartum doula is all about supporting your whole family in whatever you need to make a smooth transition. We will give you the time you need to heal after birth by providing you with the ability to sleep, eat, or just lay back and enjoy skin to skin with your new baby. Don’t suffer through those first few days in silence.
We work in 4 hour blocks based off availability and the individual needs of each family.

*Additional fees for overnight or twins.

Postpartum Meal Prep

You may have all the help with the house and baby that you need at home, but no one to cook. We know how tough it can be to plan meals with a new baby. So, we come up with a solution to take away that stress for you. We will sit down with you and plan out a healthy convenient menu that helps take the burden off your family every week. We believe in natural foods and healthy snacks. We also specialize in creating menus that work well for breastfeeding moms. Bottom line you just had a baby you deserve to be served.

We provide:


  • Healthy meals prepared for your family
  • Meal prep for the week
  • High Protein & healthy fat meals for breastfeeding moms
  • Lactation treats to promote healthy milk supply
  • Optional Probiotic drinks to help you maintain a healthy gut while healing and breastfeeding
  • Grocery store pick up

Give yourself or another new mom the peace of mind of knowing dinner is already prepared!

Send us a meal plan request.

Lactation Support

Enjoy those golden moments with your newborn without stressing over breastfeeding. With Royal La Mere’s support you and your new baby can learn the basics of breastfeeding all within the comfort of your own home. We help our mothers reach their breastfeeding goals through concierge style breastfeeding support via home visits, phone, or email support.

*Virtual support available

Lactations treats available! 

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